• Luna

A Letter to Myself - Inner Child Healing💛

So I was having a really REALLY off day today.

I finally (and reluctantly) decided to journal it out..

And in the midst of a breakdown this is what came out..

“My love, you are good enough and you are beautiful, even when you do not feel like you are.

I am here to love you and reparent you. I will always love you and I will never leave you no matter what you say to me.

Everything will always be alright with me by your side. Your have the tools and empowerment now to put your needs first and to look after yourself.

You have the power to make promises to your self and be able to trust yourself.

You need not rely on others, though I will be listening to you if you need attention and co-regulation from others.

I hear your needs, I give you love and attention. You are so worthy and so beautiful, and wow, these are all the things I needed to hear as a child when I felt powerless, hopeless, unloved and unworthy.

You were always worthy and loved.

I’m here for you

I’m never leaving you.”

P.S. You are safe. You are loved. You are enough.

You always were. You always will be.



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