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Connecting the Mind and Body - Free Worksheet!

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It is not unknown that trauma is stored in the body. Many therapists, psychologists and authors talk about the importance of becoming aware of our bodies, and releasing emotions that are stored in the body. I particularly like Peter Levine - his audiobook ‘Healing Trauma’ is on Youtube for free! I highly recommend listening to it!

This worksheet is designed to help you to get to know your body, and gently ease into somatic healing. I believe that if you are just starting with body/somatic work, then it is very important to go slow.

This worksheet does exactly that, allowing you to observe your body without judgement.

This is also great for those who are experienced in somatic work, as a little reminder/guide to observe and reconnect to your body :)

Hope this helps!

(I myself found it extremely hard to reconnect with my body, but by asking myself ‘how does my body feel?’ everyday, I slowly became reacquainted.)

P.S. You are safe. You are enough. You are loved.

You always were. You always will be.



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