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Daily Journal Prompts

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This is what I use to journal daily. It helps me to check in with my body and reminds me that I almost always have something that I'm looking forward to doing.

"Things I could do" is a list of things that you may want to do today but might not get around to. They can always be transferred to tomorrows journal list.


Example journal answer:


Looking forward to:

-Making tiktoks, seeing friends, explore self and authenticity in journalling. Watching greys, maybe going to coffee shop, going down research rabbit hole,

Trying out new yoga

1-3 highlights that I really want to do:

-making Tiktoks

-seeing friends

-research rabbit hole

Extras I could do if I feel like it: (can always write these down for the next day)



-work at coffee shop

-write blog

-make a worksheet

-explore self in journalling

-watch greys

-brainstorm blog ideas to help cptsd/trauma, adhd and anxiety

What colours am I drawn to today?

-blues and greens (because to me they symbolise harmony, creativity, authenticity, being grounded)

How does my body feel? What does it need?

-restless, I might exercise later

-back is a bit sore, could stretch

-otherwise pretty good

-don’t think I feel anxious

-feel content and excited about the random things I want to do and hyper focus on today


What am I grateful for?

-the free time to go down research rabbit holes and journal

-to have fun on tiktok

-to have friends that are loving and caring

-to connect with friends

-my cat cuddles

-hot chocolate

-warm bed


What did I enjoy?

-being with friends

-being connected


-making worksheets

What made me feel better

-exercise - even though I don't enjoy it it does actually help

-cuddling my cat

-talking to friends

Did I have fun?


How could I make tomorrow more fun?

-less pressure on myself to be productive and get things done, go with the flow and enjoy the process. Argue back at my inner critic.

What am I proud of?

-wrote blog posts - getting over fear of perfectionism

-made worksheet, its fun and creative to do, and hopefully will help people

-that I went with the flow


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