• Luna

Emotionally Dependent on my Therapist

I am beginning to need to see Dr. R again ; it's been such a long time since I last saw her. I need her.

My dependency!

My mind starts to sway sidewards, wobbling around, invasive thoughts.

Reality; where is reality?

Am I lost in dream thoughts long past;

holding me down;

pinning me in agony.

What happened to today; where has it gone to?

I hold out my hands to Dr. R, to keep me sane; to grip her hands tightly, desperately.

And if she is not there, what happens then?

What happens to my tumbling, falling mind.

Like leaves blowing downwards, battered by the force of my mind, by the force of my crazy mind.

Where does that take me?


-Anonymous - on C-ptsd/trauma; our guest writer describes feeling emotionally dependent on her therapist, who was her only source of comfort for many years.

(I think it's beautiful and unapologetically describes the feelings of a C-ptsd survivor.)

You are safe. You are loved. You are worthy.

You always were. You always will be.



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