• Luna

Grounding 101: Butterfly Taps

Do this with me!

Butterfly taps are a form of bilateral stimulation, which works to calm down the nervous system.

(Watch my Tiktok video to see exactly what I’m doing) @lunalove09

They’re great for anytime you may be feeling anxious, stressed, dissociated, feel overwhelmed by trauma and ADHD and much more.

Before you start:

- take a couple of deep belly breaths, 4 counts in, 4-8 counts out.

-Then start tapping for a few minutes while taking smooth even breaths.

Keep the tapping calm and steady.

This calms me and brings me into the present like a charm. It also helps me to connect with my body and helps me practice self-kindness and self-love.

(I use the butterfly taps to calm my anxiety and to help my ADHD)

P.S. You are safe. You are loved. You are enough.

You always were. You always will be.



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