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Supplements I take for ADHD!

These are the supplements and vitamins I take that help my energy levels, sleep and focus!

Omega 3 for focus - It helps focus, concentration and brain power! And it helps impulse control disorders.

Vitamin B for energy - the one I take is by GoodHealth and it has some extra 'calming ingredients' to help support sleep (as I struggle with insomnia). It really has made a difference to my energy levels. The B vitamins are very important for a healthy nervous system!

Folate for energy - folate is sometimes the cause of anaemia and it is important for the nervous system and energy levels!

(Make sure you are not deficient in B12 before taking folate, it is dangerous to take folate when you have a B12 deficiency as it can exacerbate it - my random medical school knowledge coming through)

Vitamin D3 for energy and immunity - I probably don't get enough sun so that's why I take this one. It also helps calcium absorption for strong bones and supports both immunity and sleep.

Vitamin C for immunity and sleep - It also helps your body absorb iron and may protect against dementia! Some studies also suggest vitamin C is important for sleep.

Just make sure not to take vitamin C within an hour of taking any ADHD meds!

Zinc for concentration and immunity. Some studies have shown zinc to be helpful for those with ADHD!

Magnesium for sleep. Magnesium can help relax the body, which is especially helpful for sleep, and it helps for muscle cramps. It also helps fight depression! (where my RSD homies at haha)

Iron for energy. I take iron because I was anaemic, but I also read that iron my be beneficial to those with ADHD.

I don't take these supplements everyday, I have quite a small body frame so I would probably overdose on vitamins if I took the full dose. Also, vitamins are expensive so taking some of them only twice a week makes them last longer.

I also take other supplement for my EDS, I'll make a post on that soon 💕

*Always check with your doctor before starting any supplements or vitamins, I am not a healthcare practitioner, this is just what works for me. You also don't want to overdose on vitamins and supplements!


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